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CATcerto – Nora`s statement

When I was contacted by Lithuanian conductor, Mindaugas Piecaitis regarding his idea to create an orchestral piece specifically for me, I thought to myself: »What an absolutely purrrrfect idea! «. Isn`t it every world class performer`s dream to have an orchestral concerto written especially for them?

Of course, the challenge in creating an orchestral piece of music specifically for me, Nora The Piano Cat, is that I am solely a studio musician. How would I ever be able to have the glorious experience of playing with an actual orchestra? Thank goodness, my personal assistants, Betsy and Burnell, were able to work with Mindaugas to create a solution to this seemingly insurmountable problem. A special account was set up on the internet to share video footage. Betsy and Burnell began to film me again. Special computer software had to be ordered to enable important sound and video editing. And of course, my personal consent and cooperation was attained.

It certainly has been exciting to be a part of this historic collaboration involving the internet, YouTube, computers, and film. As the first professional cat concert pianist, I am most pleased to have contributed to this exciting project.

Now that the piece is finished, I am so happy with the results. I would like to thank Mr Piecaitis for giving me the opportunity to show the entire world that a cat concert pianist can indeed play beautiful music with an orchestra. It is the mission of every great artist like me to inspire others to create. If I have inspired even one person to write music, or learn an instrument, than I will have lived a meaningful life.

With much love to all of my fans in the music world,

Nora The Piano Cat



Interview with Nora in an italian Music Magazine

Nora was interviewed by an italian music magazine,
»Music in«. Here you can download the interview
as pdf-file.



Musical piece for a cat became a serious joke –
Interview with Mindaugas Piecaitis


Nora`s interview for the italian music magazine »Music in«.


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